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Great pizza comes to those who wait until regular business hours.

About Us

We love pizza

It’s a simple, favorite food and when it’s made with wholesome ingredients of the highest quality and freshness, it’s irresistible.

People, Pizza, and the Planet

Pizza delivery is a massive industry that impacts the health and wellbeing of people and the planet. Zume has established a formula for partnering people with technology that creates a more thoughtful and efficient way to source, make, bake and deliver pizza. In the process, we’re delivering an artisan pizza that takes care of the people who eat it and make it, and even takes better care of the planet we all love.


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Robot chefs and en route baking could be the future of pizza delivery

Looking at its storefront, you wouldn't expect Zume pizza to be the kind of business gunning to revolutionize the food-delivery business.
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Robots making pizza still need a human touch

We’ve all heard that robots are taking our jobs, right? Well, there’s a takeout joint in Mountain View where robots help make the pizza, and it illustrates how automation could impact the food industry.
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Fit, Food, Fun - Is Tech even helping make a better pizza?

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Can robots make perfect pizza?

Many years ago, when I lived in New York City, everyone I knew had a drawer in the kitchen with Chinese takeout menus and local restaurants on their (landline) speed-dial
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A Silicon Valley pizza – delivery service has robots and humans working side by side

A pizza-delivery company based in Silicon Valley is expanding its robot and human workforce as it moves toward its goal of making better-tasting pizza faster.