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We’ve taken the sausage pie up a notch, with a slightly spicy Mexican-style chorizo, and pickled jalapenos.
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It’s definitely processed.

It’s definitely processed.

Artisan pizza made perfectly
every time by people and their
robot assistants.

Straight outta<br>the oven.

Straight outta
the oven.

Fastest delivery from the
oven to your door.

So, what does co-bot pizza taste like?

So, what does co-bot pizza taste like?

“Pretty much the best thing ever.”
– Lorrie M, San Jose

It's patently obvious.

The pod your Zume Pizza arrives in is patented for good reason. Your pizza arrives warmer, crispier, and tasting more like pizza, not a cardboard box. Its 100% sugarcane fiber leaches nothing into your pizza and when you’re done eating, you can feed it to Mother Earth.

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