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Our kitchen is closed. We’ll start cooking again at 11am!

About Zume

Fresh, local ingredients
Everyone should have access to delicious, affordable, and healthy food. We use only high-quality, natural ingredients directly from farmers and producers that we know and love. Our seasonal menu and scratch-cooking ensures a more sustainable future for the planet.
Delivery reimagined
Our passion for pizza has led us to reinvent how pizza is delivered. Along with our Zume Trucks, outfitted with dozens of smart ovens, we employ a fleet of cars and scooters to optimize delivery time. Track your order every step of the way, from creation to fresh, hot pizza at your door.
Sustainable packaging
We designed our award-winning signature Pizza Pods to keep your pizza hotter and the crust crispier. Made of 100% sugarcane fiber, the Pizza Pod is completely biodegradable and compostable, along with all other Zume packaging.
Automation done right
Alongside our pizzaiolos, we also employ pizza-making robots, Pepe, Giorgio, Marta, Bruno, and Vincenzo, that work together in our kitchen to craft each and every pie. Our co-bots perform low-skill, repetitive, and dangerous tasks, giving human employees more opportunities to do creative, high-skill jobs at Zume.
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