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Friday & Saturday


* Sunnyvale & Cupertino modified hours

Service ends at 9pm in Sunnyvale & Cupertino.

Service Area


We are a no-tipping business. Hospitality is included in our pricing and we compensate the entire Zume team in an equitable and competitive way. Each and every one of our full-time pielots is on our payroll and receives medical benefits for themselves and their families.

Our Pizzas

Please note our food is manufactured using equipment that also processes products that may contain milk, egg, wheat, tree nut, and meat products.

Our Pizza Pod

We call it a pod. It’s made of 100% sustainably farmed sugar cane fiber and is 100% recyclable and compostable. Did we mention we invented it? Yep.

Reheating Instructions

1. Place a slice or two into a non stick skillet at medium heat

2. Heat for a couple minutes until bottom is crispy, then reduce heat to “low.”

3. Add a few drops of water away from the pizza.

4. Cover for 1 minute to melt the cheese toppings.

5. Enjoy a crispy melty slice of Zume Pizza!


Join the team that is changing the way pizza is made, baked and delivered. From the newest delivery “Pielot” to our founders, we work every day under the guiding principle that every problem is solvable. Join the team that believes better pizza and better delivery can change the world.